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Sustained business growth in a contemporary world requires the most talented and skilled workers to help drive quality and innovation. 

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Globalisation has further lent a helping hand to businesses, such that they are able to source their talent from a global market place.

The UK (as a leading economy in the world) is no exception. The Tier 2 visa category has been designed as a Points Based system to allow foreign skilled workers take up skilled jobs in UK based firms.

What are the Requirements for a Tier 2 Visa Application?

A restricted Certificate of Sponsorship is usually required for entry clearance as a Tier 2 General Migrant unless the job is stated on the Shortage of Occupations List, or, alternatively, if the migrant will be considered as a “high-earner” with a salary on offer of at least £159,600 gross per annul.

The application for entry clearance can only be made after the following are satisfied:

  • The sponsor obtains the sponsorship licence (A-Rated)
  • Resident Labour Market test – by placing adverts on two advertising platforms for 28 days
  • A Certificate of Sponsorship is issued and assigned to the migrant

The entry clearance application requires the migrant to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Appropriate Salary – this must be at least £30,000 or the minimum salary as per the relevant Standard Occupational Code (SOC Code) which closely matches the job role
  • Appropriate Level – a migrant can only be sponsored in a skilled job at or above Regulated Qualifications Level (RQF) 6. The only exception to this is if the code falls in one of the creative sector Standard Occupational Codes
  • English Language – at level B1
  • Maintenance – must either be certified by the sponsor company or provide evidence that the migrant has, in their personal account, funds amounting to at least £945, held for a minimum period of 90 consecutive days

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