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Family Law covers all issues around children and family law, including personal relationships, relationship breakdown and children in the context of divorce or separation, plus children in public law and cross-border disputes.

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It is often the case that offering meetings with children to parents in mediation provides real benefits. It gives the child themselves an opportunity to have a voice in the mediation and for that child to feel their views have been taken into account when their parents are making decisions.

The world of families and relationships have developed substantially over the last couple of decades with second, third marriages being a fairly normal occurrence. Add into these relationships children from those marriages, and it can lead to circumstances where there are a number of people involved in a child’s life all of whom provide love, care and who bond with that child – commonly known as a “blended family”.

In the majority of cases, both the mother and the father of a child will have parental responsibility.

Parental responsibility means all the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority a parent of a child has in relation to the child and the child’s property by law. It enables a person to make decisions about the child’s property and welfare to include, but not limited to, religious upbringing, accommodation, education, and medical treatment. Unhelpfully these rights and duties are not specified in statute, and the guidance available comes from case law.

When would I need to appoint a Solicitor for Family Law matters?

Legal advice and assistance from a qualified lawyer is usually helpful and recommended however you are not required to obtain legal advice.  You can make the application and attend court yourself without legal representation.  People who are involved in court proceedings without lawyers are known as litigants in person.


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