Naturalisation Application

Gaining full British Citizenship is considered as the last stage of the UK Immigration process.

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Becoming a British citizen allows you to work and live anywhere in the UK without immigration control constraints. Once you have full British Citizenship you are free to apply for a full British passport.

UK Naturalisation is a process that individuals must complete if they wish to become a British citizen. Naturalisation is open to individuals who meet specific criteria set by the Home Office.

What are the Requirements for a Naturalisation Application?

  • At the time of starting the naturalisation application be over 18 years old
  • Have resided in the UK for at least 5 years (unless you are seeking naturalisation following marriage to a British citizen)
  • Have held ‘Indefinite leave to remain’ in the UK for a minimum of 12 months or hold Permanent UK residence status if you are originally from an ‘EEA’ country
  • Not have left the UK for a period of over 90 days in the last 12-month period
  • Be currently living in the UK at the time of application
  • Be seen to be of ‘good character’ – This generally constitutes having no criminal record or having committed a breach of immigration laws
  • Meet the English language requirements test
  • Have studied and passed the ‘Life in the UK’ test


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