Road Traffic Offences 

Most of us rely on our driver’s licence to conduct our daily lives.

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From commuting to jobs to caring for our children, our ability to drive is essential. When charged with a motoring offence in London, it is important to seek legal advice at the earliest possible stage in order to avoid maximum penalties and the loss of your licence.

    What can I do if I’ve received a penalty for a Road Traffic Offence?

    Our motoring offence solicitors are highly experienced in dealing with all Road Traffic offences committed throughout London and the Home Counties. Jeffrey Lewis, ably assisted by Danny Barnard, has made a specialism of this area and has practised in this field for over twenty-five years to tremendous success.

    Due to increased placement of traffic cameras in the UK, we have seen a significant influx of motoring offences. We often advise clients who have had clean licenses for many years and are suddenly dealing with penalty points.

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